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Welcome to Tutu Ballet Academy.  It is our pleasure and honor to have you visit us today.  Tutu Ballet Academy is a full-fledged Ballet Academy.  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. It starts with little fairy ballerinas and ends with dancing on your toes…. Trying to make a dancer without first taking proper ballet classes is like cooking a cake without the milk and eggs…. It will be an uphill struggle.

Tutu Ballet Academy believes that children have an unlimited capacity for learning if we tap into their creative learning process. Our teaching approach must be creative, inspiring and fun. When a child is inspired, success and learning is sure to follow. As teachers we are placed in a tremendous amount of responsibility to not only educate but to nurture.

Our philosophy is two fold, a) to provide quality ballet instruction in a child friendly environment that respects the child b) to offer great value so anyone can afford the beautiful Art of Ballet. Tutu Ballet Academy is in line with the most progressive and latest developments in how children under 10 years old learn best. We then take our teen ballerinas and train them in not only ballet but also nutrition for staying strong and healthy. We at TUTU know the best approach to teaching this very disciplined art form that demands perfection.  The art of ballet paired with timeless classical music remains the same, what is differentiates us at Tutu Ballet Academy is the approach on how we introduce this. It should not be intimidating, instead fun, inviting and most of all child friendly.  We now know that children learn best with encouragement and a positive learning environment.  With encouragement children give 110% and enjoy the challenge ballet provides.  For our young beginners a trackable program of learning is hidden under a very child friendly and fun environment.  As they mature the curriculum grows with them year after year until they are ready for the demands of pre-professional training.

What also separates Tutu Ballet Academy from the crowd is the fact that we are Licensed by the Royal Academy of Dance in London also known as R.A.D.  The RAD of London is the largest governing body for Dance teaching and examinations in the World.   With this license we have the expertise to deliver their world famous curriculum and hold ballet exams in our school.  Delivering this curriculum ensures that the learning and progress of your child is always tracked and recorded.  Every year Students in our ballet classes learn the particular curriculum for their grade level and age. Then an Examiners flys to our licensed studio from London to conduct ballet exams with the children. The students present the entire curriculum in their ballet exams, much like a karate school tests for different colored belts.  If the children pass they receive a certificate that is recorded in London and a medal much like a high school and college diploma before progressing to the next level.

We feel that these R.A.D. certificates are equally important in acknowledging children’s hard work in class and are an important part of the teaching process. Also our daily verbal encouragement and annual RAD Ballet Exams will give the child’s progress and commitment validity as well as a sense of accomplishment. This certificate is recognized around the World, should your family have to relocate to another country, your child can walk into the nearest R.A.D Academy and pick up where they left off. Children can progress through 12 exam levels with us before graduating high school.  Some go on to teach ballet or perform professionally with these certificates under their belt.   We have a 100% passing rate on our ballet exams which usually means we are doing something right.

Being licensed through RAD London means there is accountability and consistency in the training from our teachers. Every RAD teacher at our Academy has gone through a rigorous selection and testing process through London RAD headquarters. They sit practical and written exams themselves to be licensed to prepare children to take their annual Ballet Exams. Every RAD licensed teacher is mandated to attend teaching seminars and continuing professional development hours yearly to maintain their license to enter children for exams. It is a huge commitment to excellence to maintain this license.
Unfortunately 99% of dance studios in the U.S. have no governing body over them and teachers step into teaching positions because they once danced and not because they trained to teach. Although there is an abundant amount of choices when it comes to dance studios in SCV, what separates us from the crowd is the fact that we work to maintain this license with RAD of London. Many do not know that Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  Ballet is the abc’s of dance. It is so important that if a child shows signs or desire to learn Ballet that parents are knowledgable and informed to provide their child with the best possible environment in which to learn without risk of injury due to improper training.

Ballet classes are not a one size fit all. There are 1000’s to choose from.  When you choose TUTU Ballet Academy you are choosing a specialty school, you are choosing experts that are licensed to teach the best and safest program of Ballet for your child. Our approach in teaching is second to none in the world. So if you want your child to have fun and enjoy the process but also care about your child’s learning then you’ve come to the right place. We believe that children, much like adults, will excel in any task at hand if they are enjoying the process and at Tutu Ballet Academy we strive to make Ballet fun

……. again, Welcome to Tutu Ballet Academy




Tutu Ballet Academy Dance studio and Ballet Academy in Santa Clarita Valley, offers many other dance classes for children and adults. We teach students in the Santa Clarita Cities of Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Canyon County, Newhall and Castaic. We have a full portfolio of classes, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, Irish Dancing, tumbling,  musical theater, piano lessons, acting lessons & Mommy & Me classes. We also have annual Dance & Ballet Recitals.  We offer students many opportunities to perform in  local Santa Clarita events. Our philosophy is to provide quality ballet classes and many other dance classes to santa clarita families that respects children’s emotional & physical development and is knowledgeable about their developmental needs.  Our hip-hop, jazz & tap classes follow a world recognized syllabus that spans 12 curricula levels.   Whether they dance recreationally, for competition or to enter the dance field you can trust your child will receive world class training at  Tutu Ballet Academy.  Come in for a free class trial or grab your tutu and join us for  Free Tutu-Time open ballet play on Saturdays at 12:15pm.

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